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The tough requirements of quality


The interactions in Orthodontics between the patient and his doctor are of long term. Orthodontic care therefore requires a long term strategy. It is fully dependent on both the patient and the doctor.

Ours is based on the following principles :

  1. Excellent relationship with every patient during the entire course of care
      and after

  2. Solidly established diagnosis of individual orthodontic needs
  3. Clearly announced final therapeutic goals
  4. Well defined therapeutic process and periodic evaluation of intermediate results
  5. Thorough explanation of all procedures and steps to secure maximal
      involvement of every patient

  6. Cutting edge critical evaluation of published data
  7. Highly skilled comparative analysis of recent findings and observations
  8. Manual dexterity acquired through extensive practice 
  9. Profound knowledge of trends and technical approaches with continuous

10. Permanent interactions with our numerous colleagues and partners worldwide

Our clinical approach can be summarized as follows :

A extensive analysis to determine your orthodontic needs will start on your first visit, in a pluridisciplinary approach in which we excel. Then a treatment plan specifically adapted to your case will be proposed and thoroughly explained with cost, time length, objectives, advantages, and limitations in order to earn your written informed approval. This agreement is indispensable for us to start, and lead your treatment to success.  

We are Qualified Orthodontists because we have a State Diploma of Specialisation in Orthodontics and benefit from a nine-year long experience. We therefore have a profound knowledge of all settings, procedures, techniques, and devices used in Orthodontics.

We also actively participate in the elaboration of new approaches through good relationships, frequent collaborations, and regular interactions with our colleagues worldwide and our various suppliers in materials and products.

And we are fully commited to serve you in the best possible way and bring quickly and continuously to your benefit the most recent findings of the international research efforts in Orthodontics.    

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