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Carrefour de Rive 2, 1207 Genève
Tram 12: Terrassière stop ( next to Clinic )
Bus 1, 25, 61: Terrassière stop
Parkings: Rive, Villereuse, Eaux Vives 2000

A major innovation

We are already using in our Clinic a high resolution intra-oral optical scanner to get numerical 3D replica of your teeth. No more paste
in the mouth ! 



The video below is a short presentation of our Clinic :


The time has come to align your teeth discretely

Imagine the beautiful smile you can have

Because it is your smile that the majority of people notice first


Welcome to the Orthodontic Clinic of Doctoresse J. SEIF
Children, Teenagers, and Adults

Invisible and Accelerated Techniques

Acceleration of your Treatment

Frequent Questions



Elegant, Safe, Efficient, and Effective Orthodontics

A passion for excellence makes Orthodontics available to all and can satisfy the specific personal needs of everyone. We provide our patients the best care according to international standards. We bring to their service the most performing established techniques and the latest innovative breakthroughs that are both solidly proven and useful. This is accomplished by strict application of the guidelines dictated by Evidence Based Orthodontics within the framework of our clinical strategy.

The video below is a short introduction to the Incognito technique, where braces are attached behind teeth and are therefore totally invisible:


Our system of care was specifically designed with you in mind. This is not an ad
but a promise. You can count on us.

In our Clinic:

1. Patients are always cared for, individually, in private rooms.

2. The entire course of care is provided by the Orthodontist herself.

The Clinic exists since 50 years.
It was founded by Docteur J. HOLZ, then directed by Docteur T. RUTZ,
before Doctoresse J. SEIF ( September 2013 ).


The following facts should incite you to adjust malpositioned teeth in your smile,
or the smile of your children, relatives, and friends :

Orthodontics can now eliminate most common teeth malpositions (incomplete eruption, abnormal location, tilt to one side or the other, deviation inwards or outwards, rotation in one direction or the other).

Orthodontics can also adjust the general structure of dental arches.

Well aligned, classy teeth, arranged like a collar of pearls,
are an obvious factor of success, are easier to maintain in good health, and have a crucial role in nutrition, breathing, and speaking.

Specialized Orthodontists utilize nowadays various modern orthodontic settings that are easy to keep as well as being financially accessible, elegant, discrete, and effective.

Orthodontic treatments require your active participation during the entire period of care in order to earn satisfying and beneficial results that are definitely worth your invested efforts. Results you fully deserve that will increase your personal power,
for life.

Getting orthodontic care is
a beautiful lesson of patience, and the necessity of long-term planning to succeed, relying on self confidence and trust in the talent of others.









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