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We follow the Fees Convention of the SSO ( The Swiss Society of Odontologists ). 
In our Clinic the value of one point is 4 CHF.

The different steps:

Session 1 
 First Visit ): 120 CHF

Radiographic Exams in Specialized Centers:

Panoramic Radiography of Teeth 150 CHF
Radiography of Skull 150 CHF
Scanner of Jaws 350 CHF

Session 2 
( Additionnal Exams in the Clinic ): 500 CHF

                          Dental Imprints 

Session 3 
( Care Convention ): 600 CHF 

                          Plan of Treatment
                          Approval of Care
                          Detailed Cost Estimate
                          Financial Agreement

All Remaining Sessions:

Interception for Children 3-11 years 1500 to 3500 CHF
Invisible Lingual Braces 3500 to 13500 CHF
Transparent Braces 2500 to 10500 CHF
Transparent Aligners 2000 to 7500 CHF

Payments for our services are made through the Caisse des Médecins-Dentistes SA,
which will send you the bills.

This collaboration between your Orthodontist and the Caisse has several advantages for you:

1. It allows your Orthodontist to focuse more on Orthodontic care 

2. If your treatment is expensive, the Caisse can fractionnate your payments. Please contact them directly for more information: www.dentargent.ch021 343 22 08.

Your personal data are strictly protected at all times.

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